The Ensemble

The Ensemble Marges was founded in 2005 at the university of music „Franz Liszt“ in Weimar, most of the members have studied there. The young musicians from Italy, Argentina, Russia, Serbia and Germany play in a varying lineup dedicated to an international repertoire of known as well as unknown compositions.

Especially Weimar seems to be predestined as a residence for an ensemble of avantgarde music, proven by numerous special and excellent ensembles coming from here and still forming the cultural life of this city. To face this tradition and still do something new is the goal of the ensemble.

The main focus of the work is set on building bridges between the music of the 20th century and the composition of the younger generation today. Thus pieces considered as the classics of the modern age as well as works by the youngest generation can be heard next to each other in their concerts. The ensemble is interested in showing esthetical and social points of contact.

Hence the Ensemble Marges adresses a heterogenous and multi-faceted audience with its programmatic concepts. The mixture of  both epochs draws those, who are open to contemporary music, but still sceptical towards the newest works.

They focus on concerts apart from conventional recitals; innovative ideas and new ways to perceive music lead them to a different approach of performing. The french word „marge“ – meaning border / edge – is to be seen as title and concept of the ensemble at the same time.

Besides of playing concerts the ensemble has also been invited to be part of the judging panel of composition contests. In 2008 a collaboration with the Compagnie Aquanaut started, bringing together music with dance, acrobatics and acting in a performance with the title „ART!stic Lab“. 2009 the silent movie programme premiered, followed by a tour abroad to Libanon in 2010. In April 2010 the ensemble opened the silent film festival in the Cinémathèque in Leipzig. In spring 2012 the ensemble premiered the commisioned composition to the animated silhouette film „The Adventures of Prince Achmed“ in Weimar and Florence.


Astrid Schütte – Violin
Kristiina Kostrokina – Violin
Katharina Uzal – Cello
Eric Thanbichler – Flute
Michael Möstl – Clarinet
Samuel T. Klemke – Guitar
Marija Kandic – Accordion
Natasa Srdic-Jahn – Piano
Diego Uzal – Composition
Thomas Nathan Krüger – Composition

Christiane Freywald – Viola
Christoph Jahn – Cello
Predrag Tomic – Accordion
Ina Richter – Flute
Elisabeth Richter – Flute